It's 2015

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone.

The photo above looks like it was taken in any random street in Manila, but I was actually standing in an alley somewhere in Bangkok where I rang in 2015 along with my sisters. New Year's Eve celebrations in Thailand are rather subdued and quiet, as it was in Singapore where I spent NYE 2012, but the trip itself was very eventful. There's really no place like Manila on New Year's Eve. All the noise, the fireworks, the street parties. Of course there were also the fires, the firecracker-related injuries and the people who got hit by stray bullets but we like to live on the edge. When you have a firecracker named "Goodbye, Philippines" that's as big as a man's forearm of course there will be consequences.

I'll talk about the trip on a later date but the gist of it is that Thailand is beautiful and Thai food is wonderful. Profound thoughts those are not but I will do better on the actual post. 

I wish everyone a great year ahead. My New Year's resolutions for this year are the same as last year's—to continue to improve myself, to get enough sleep and to stop being so damn late on everything. 


  1. that's such a good photo, the wall colour and walkway have some much depth. just about to catch up with your travel post too.

    Buckets & Spades


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