Time for Polka

Skirt, Comme des Garcons AD 2009 worn with a white button up shirt for a classic CdG pairing.

Oh wow, I'm wearing a print! Gotta do something new before the year ends, I suppose. Wore this to the MMA Reframed Exhibit at Green Sun two weeks ago where our multi-wall video projection for Up Dharma Down's "Nightdrops" was shown along with presentations from nine other groups. 

Whenever I see polka dots I immediately think of Comme des Garcons; the pattern and the brand is so closely linked in my brain that in my eyes no one does polka dot anything quite like Rei, except maybe Yayoi Kusama. The dots on the skirt are printed on a sheer black background overlaid on a white body that joins the printed fabric at the end with a bubble hem, except on one part where the white fabric just hangs there, like a deflated balloon. You can actually put your hand in between the two layers thanks to that opening and it comes in handy when ironing—a task which, when it comes to this thing, a definite challenge. You have a skirt with a complicated construction with lumpy flaps that appear to be placed randomly, made from 100% silk with some sheer fabric thrown in there and you have a fun ironing time in your hands. As much as I adore this skirt I abhor the whole process of making it not look like I just pulled it out from storage and treating it gingerly as I'm wearing it, which runs counter to my philosophy that clothes are meant to be worn, worn often and worn to an inch of their life. This is not a workhorse piece of clothing, for sure, but it is beautiful.

The takeaway from this post is that I ought to get myself a garment steamer for Christmas.


  1. Sounds like a piece of hard work then. I don't expect to see prints on your blog so it was a nice surprise.

    Buckets & Spades


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