6th Floor, SDA

This outfit is dedicated to awkwardness.

Awkward sleeve length, awkward skirt length, awkward one length hair. Paired with my favorite ankle socks and Docs oxfords combo for max awkwardness, but that's precisely why I like what I'm wearing here. Except for the hair. I'm in dire need for a cut. My last one was, what, more than a year ago? That's about my normal frequency for hair cuts—annually.

Sometimes people ask why I dress like a manang or an old lady. It might be because I deliberately choose to wear clothes in odd lengths. Conventional fashion guidelines would suggest petite people like me to pick skirts that skim the knee instead of those that end on the calf and to totter around in heels for added leg lengthening effect, but who has the time to pay attention to all of that? I'm telling you, midi anything is the bomb. To hell with figure-flattering rules—when you're short, most clothes will fit weird anyway so you might as well learn to live with it. Rei Kawakubo herself champions awkward proportions and that's Rei fucking Kawakubo, who are we to argue with her?


  1. To my eye, not awkward but beautiful.

  2. The proportions work really well here, particularly the hint of skin between your socks and hem.

  3. I dig the unexpected and slightly awkward lenghts and fits too, not for myself but I think it works well on lots of people. My gf is a bit advocate of this too. Timeless elegance springs to mind, kinda other-worldly too, if that makes sense. I really like this out outfit.

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