Button Up

It's been years since I last stepped foot at the SDA and while from the outside it seems like nothing has changed, it's a different story inside when I went over the weekend to see some friends. Entire floor layouts were altered. Some rooms were gutted and transformed. Even the digital clocks found on each corner were replaced. It felt unsettling—the building somehow managed to retain the same atmosphere yet it's new and foreign to me. It's definitely not the SDA I left three years ago anymore.

We have an exciting new project in the pipeline, stemming from said meeting at our old college. The Multimedia Arts program is going through massive changes in the curriculum and this project is a consequence of that restructuring. Details are still a bit hazy but I cannot wait to share it once everything is ironed out. All I can say for now is it's something I have not done before and I will be collaborating with some of the best people I know.

I'm still not over the fact that the current batch is already ID 114. I was ID 107. Has it really been seven years since I went to college?! 


  1. ganda.. i remember seeing u sa sda befoire..#starstruck

  2. i just gotta say i absolutely LOVE your outfit here!

  3. cool outfit!



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