Tokyo Bopper No.870

After years of pining, stalking and justifying that yes, I legitimately need these shoes in my life, a pair of Tokyo Bopper No.870s have finally landed in my grubby hands all the way from the streets of Harajuku. And what a joyous moment it was. You know how they say things you long for are a hundred times better in your head and the truth is really nothing more than a smidgen of that idealized version? I was worried they would look comically huge when worn. In this case the reality is they look pretty damn good on my feet and that's all that matters at the end of the day.

My boyfriend asked if I plan on smuggling butter in the soles. My mom flat out laughed when she saw these. Meanwhile, other people's reactions were generally positive.

I stand about two inches taller in these shoes and they are surprisingly easy to walk in despite the thick rubber sole, but it is quite a work out. These things are heavy and a racket on wooden floors. They look best worn with cuffed loose trousers to show off the ankle straps, as pictured, but I like matching them with skirts too. The straps are my favorite thing about the pair and the web shop even suggests wearing the removable straps as bracelets for extra style mileage... how cute is that?

Speaking of the Tokyo Bopper website, I highly recommend their awesome blog. It is one of my most visited sources for inspiration and their shopkeepers are my favorite, they're all so stylish and full of personality.


  1. great buy.. theyre so popular in japan daw.. i can seewhy

  2. My reaction is also positive. Love these! Very tempted to search for a pair, or similar..

  3. Nice buy! The ankle strap is a cute addition.

    Back when I was in high school I had the heaviest New Rock boots. They took some getting used to, but they gave my legs a good work out!


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