A Bit of Green

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We recently had our house renovated. This was the first time we had anything done to the house in my lifetime. Twenty three years, imagine that. The floors were raised about a foot since we needed to add steel beams for support considering the age of the house and the wooden floor boards were replaced with marine board. Termite-infested cabinets and wardrobes were also knocked down so now we have a lot more space available. The house overall looks a lot brighter, airier and more livable even with the unsightly floor which is yet to be painted, partly because we had to get rid of a lot of crap. So much unused stuff we were keeping for no reason at all! We should all remember to throw out or donate the things we have no more need for to eliminate clutter.

As we are improving the state of our living quarters we started taking about what else we want to do to the house. Someone suggested we try keeping some greens. Herbs and the like. Why not, I thought, then I remembered I managed to kill three Ikea cacti in just a few short months after I got them. So I may not have the proverbial green thumb but keeping plants indoors is a low cost, easy way to bring in some freshness in a space. Succulents are perfect for this purpose. Get one or maintain a bunch on a shelf or a side table, as they come in a variety of sizes. 

A shot of bright verdant is a pleasant contrast in the predominantly white rooms I favor. I find that plants with flat, broad leaves impart a feeling of tropicality as opposed to those with small leaves and spindly branches. I think creepers, especially when kept in hanging pots, tends to suit rustic and eclectic interiors much better than rooms with a more rigid design. 

The planters themselves can add personality to a room. A plain terra cotta pot is the easiest to get but you dont even have to keep plants in traditional pots—all manners of vases, tins and plastic and glass containers are suitable. This would be a great way to recycle old bottles.

As for the plants, oregano would be a good idea because it somehow repels mosquitoes aside from being a flavorful addition to your recipes. Maintaining a garden of things you eat and use for cooking will not only save you money but guarantees you a steady supply of fresh herbs anytime you need it. Naturally, the type of plants you keep should be suitable to your climate. 

I plan on getting a small cactus to bring some cheer into my otherwise messy work desk. Fingers crossed I'll be able to keep the thing alive this time around. I mean, it's a cactus! If not, maybe it's a hint. Any advice from any gardening aficionado reading this?


  1. I'm no aficionado so i can't offer any advice but i have been wanting to get a few of those ikea cactus for a while now, how did you kill them? this inspiration post is really nice, i agree it does add a certain calmness and natural way. Digging. The house chance sounds dramatic but for the best.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. I think one was overwatered, one was knocked over and I found out too late and the last I think died from lack of sunlight because I kept them in an area with little sunlight :(


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