Summer Drapery

It's far too warm to be wearing this exact outfit right now. These photos were taken at the beginning of summer when the humidity wasn't much of a problem. I stubbornly wore this knit top from Plus Minus Multiply Divide several more times over the last few weeks and suffered as a result.

The top is very interesting: it has a long scarf attached at the front with several snaps in place so you can drape the scarf in a myriad of ways, essentially giving you a number of shirts for the price of one depending on how creative you can get. And for less than a dollar at the thrift shop this top is definitely a winner in terms of cost per wear ratio. The way it's worn here is the easiest, no brainer option—draped over the shoulders like a regular scarf. It will be fun coming up with more ways to style this as the temperatures drop, but I reckon it will be a months long until the weather cooperates.


  1. less than a dollar, that's very impressive; seeing that you can wear it endless ways too. really do love your style mika.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. I like this.


  3. + - / is a very fun clothing label.. creativity is key plus i swoon whenever i stumble upon the brand during my thrift shopping adventures!


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