The Wall

My camera was stolen a few weeks ago when our house was burglarized. Expect things to be rather slow in the coming weeks since getting a new one is not a priority at this moment and I am dependent on the graciousness of other people to take photos of me standing in front of walls. 

On another note, summer is about to roll in in full force and as you might infer warm, sticky weather and I do not go along well. This is me trying to deal with the initial heat wave we're sure to experience in the coming months. Surprisingly, people react very positively to this outfit and approving remarks regarding my style is something I'm not used to—I'm more likely to receive confused stares even from friends. I even got a free book some months ago when a random girl at the train station liked this outfit so much she gave me one as some sort of token of appreciation.

Is the universe trying to tell me something? Is it asking me to tone down the layers and drapes and opt for a simpler, cleaner silhouette or even, god forbid, color? Unthinkable.


  1. so sorry to hear about the camera. hay... pilipinas talaga.. anyway ilove yer new hair ...amazing shorts too miss u mika

  2. Great location for some shots. That's terrible about your house, I'm really sorry to hear that. There's never a good time for that to happen. I really enjoy your style, sounds like other unexpected sources do too. Colour, no way?!

    Mat @ Buckets & Spades

  3. Hey Mika, thank you for your comment earlier. It's not actually me going to Namibia, it's Nik who contributes to Buckets & Spades. He's gone with a few friends but don't think he'll have any internet for a while!

    Buckets & Spades


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