This Old House

When I said I live in an old wooden house that's falling apart, I meant it. Look at the peeling paint. Note the missing capiz squares in the windows. Examine the warped floor slats. It's not noticeable in these photos but if you zoom there are pen scribbles on the window panels, some of which were my handiwork. I'm not sure when this house was built, but it was designed after the traditional bahay na bato, a vestige of this country's colonial past that's quickly disappearing from cities.

I refrain from taking photos inside the house as much as possible because the lighting is less than ideal as evidenced by this dusty, dark corner in our living room. In this case though, the old fashioned interiors provide a nice foil to the clean, simple lines of this black and white outfit. All those buttons suggest a sense of feeling trapped and a strict rigidity yet wearing it I felt anything but prudish. As for the stern expression... that's just how my face looks. It's dressed up but uncomplicatedit's a classic white shirt after all. The Bleach Catastrophe skirt can be paired with most things in my wardrobe and still the result is different each time; it is surprisingly versatile.

As much as I dislike this house there is no doubt that it used to be beautiful. I spend a lot of time looking at crumbly old buildings to seek beauty in decay without realizing I live in such a place, though in my eyes it's more depressing than delightful because it's what I see day in, day out. There is no more mystery. I know the exact spots where the floor creaks and the metal cutwork awnings have all but rusted away. The carved wooden arches are covered with cobwebs and the ceiling is bound to give in soon. If only we took care of the house more I might not be so adamant about leaving it despite its condition.

You know, there's absolutely no reason to talk about our dilapidated house in relation to fashion but hey. Now you know why I hate heavy, dark wood so much. I grew up constricted by it.


  1. Oh, this is beautiful! And I'm definitely speaking of the background too. I like the mysterious feel it gave to the pictures.

  2. Mika these photos are beautiful! I love the background, it really adds a great atmosphere to the photos & is such a nice contrast against your sharp, clean outfit.
    To me, your home sounds beautiful, but then I think that has a lot to do with that fact it's not what I am used to. As someone who grew up in (& still lives in) a home that more resembles a white box that has no character at all, this seems far more interesting & mysterious. My boyfriends family live in a crumbling old farm house, and I always find new quirky little details to appreciate every time I go over, I like that it has a history & you can see that in the walls & the noises it makes. But I totally understand why you feel the way you do about it, once something becomes your everyday & the norm, it looses it's charm & magic.

    1. And meanwhile a white box is what I want for my personal quarters!

  3. the atmosphere is amazing... youre perfect with it

  4. This is your house? Even though you say how bad it's got is sure looks beautiful from the images and looks really nice against your tailored outfit. it looks more like an old pub or library. I don't like where I live either, but for different reasons I think, I can't get out.

    Buckets & Spades

  5. Stunning! Love the atmosphere.

  6. My first time in your blog, great minimal style xx

  7. Just discovered your blog...stunning style! xx


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