January Nights

We've been blessed with unusually cold temperatures for this time of year and extra layers are always welcome, especially at night when it can go down to 20°C‎. You Westerners can scoff all you like but sub 25°C‎ weather with almost zero humidity for me is a cause for celebration. It even dropped to 8°C‎ a couple of days ago up there in Baguio City... I'm actually amazed it can be that cold anywhere in the Philippines.

These days I'm all about scarves. Here I paired a dark gray one with an old draped tunic for double the drapey goodness. The added warmth is also much appreciated. In reality I get cold easily, especially my feet and hands and despite my proclivity for layering I would wager I will be rendered helpless in actual winter conditions. 

The chill is expected to last well until February. In exchange for this pleasantly cool weather I'm expecting a punishing and brutal summer season come late March.


  1. This is a wonderful scarf. I love large, frayed ones, especially in Summer without a jacket.

    Hoping the weather stays pleasant for you!

  2. Perfect for actually dressing how you would like then, without getting all hot and bothered. We're at about 2c atm here.

    Buckets & Spades

  3. Hello Mika
    You have great sense of fashion&art. Very cool, yet sophisticated.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Although I wear colorful and patterned clothes all the time, I secretly love minimalist style, just like yours!



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