In Search for the Perfect Bag

Tsatsas Unisex Lucid Mid Calfskin Bag in Black and White

How ironic that I'm talking about bags yet again when I've been adamant on not being a bag hag. I find shopping for bags an exercise in frustration since the perfect bag seems to elude me when my requirements are as simple as they come. Plain, durable, nondescript. Again, this begets the most contradictory question in fashion: Why are the simplest things the hardest to find? Surely a nice, unfussy tote would be easy to source? You'd be surprised. The idea of simple greatly varies across the board.

Enter Tsatsas. Tsatsas is a recently established label, found in 2012 in Germany and each piece is handcrafted in their atelier using the best leathers and hardware sourced from all over the world. Their bags exude the quiet elegance of a well made product. They may look uncomplicated in form but the beauty of these bags lie in their construction and materials because once you reduce the design to the most minimal you're left with nothing but craftsmanship and the quality of the leather itself. And looking at the bags it's apparent that they are worth the hefty price tag.

Tsatsas bags are almost severe in their simplicity and functionality but I like that. In a world where we are subjected to too much visual clutter on a daily basis it's lovely to see something so bare and straightforward. The fact that they're unisex makes them even better.

 Now if only the price did not make me wince...

See more of Tsatsas at LN-CC.


  1. those are extremely nice, could easily work for male and female.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. These are perfect, I can understand the price & I'm sure they are worth it, but yeah it made me wince a little too! It's always those simple things that take forever to hunt down, I guess it's because everyone's idea of that 'perfectly simple' piece is just so different.


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