Turtleneck, Thrifted / Draped Vest, DIY / Skirt, Hussein Chalayan

I'm still figuring out which things go well with this Hussein Chalayan skirt. The drape of the vest seems like a good foil for the skirt, echoing the unusual shapes and details — all of which makes it so special but is also the reason why it's difficult to find clothes to wear with it. I always feel like I'm not doing justice to such a wonderful piece.


  1. wow hussein chalayan .. omg! love the odd shape

  2. I absolutely love this Mika, you are definitely doing it justice! The high neck & voluminous folds of the vest are just perfect with it, great layering. I am still so jealous you found that skirt for such a bargain, it's a wonderful piece!
    Also, love the lighting & tone in these photos, and the backdrop too!


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