ETS Callatay Derby Platform Shoes

ETS Callatay Derby Platform Wedges

"How do you even expect to walk in those things?"
"I hope your insurance covers injuries resulting from vanity."
"Um, wow, you can knock a person down with a kick wearing those."

There are times when the stars align and the universe hands you that terribly impractical item you're convinced you absolutely need in your life at a price you can afford, no less. Thank God for Ebay. Case in point: these handmade monster wedges from French shoemaker ETS Callatay

My predilection for derby wedges started way back in 2009 when those infamous Acne Atacoma wedges blew up on various fashion blogs thanks to Alexa Chung, then fashion's It-girl for God knows what reason. Such a simple design but that silver stripe on the bottom was the perfect unexpected detail. My style has since grown from that time but those shoes instigated an ongoing obsession with chunky, clunky heeled footwear and this ETS Callatay pair is a stripped down version of all the elements I loved with the Atacoma: a solid, towering wedge heel, derby upper and a sleek profile.

The fact that ETS Callatay shoes are handmade makes them even more special and desirable. I'm a huge proponent of anything handmade; it gives things such an indescribable allure. You're literally holding a tangible product of another person's time, skill and creativity. It's a shame shoemaking is a dying craft and I think we should make a concerted effort supporting artisans who continue the tradition in spite of great competition.

Obviously, these shoes were not made for walking. The wedge heel is almost six inches tall, for fuck's sake. The three inch platform front makes things much more manageable but do you really expect to do some hardcore pavement pounding wearing these? Nay, they are special occasion shoes, as much as I dislike compartmentalizing wardrobes. Ideal for those times I need to wear some Serious Shoes which unfortunately rarely ever happens, but they look amazing on my feet and lined up with the rest of my humble shoe collection. Mobility be damned, these shoes are a sight to behold.

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  1. I've been waiting to watch this, truly fascinating. Most shoes have to be handmade but without the same care and working conditions to allow such painstaking craftsmanship. You'll keep these forever and have to find those occasions to wear them.

  2. i was watching the same pair last month from a UK seller, if you're a 38 and outbid me at least i know they went to a good home. i'm still on the lookout ;)

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com


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