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If like me you spend most of your time working (or slaving away, whichever applies) it's a good idea to consider the space where you do business. Personally speaking I wont be able to function properly in a workspace I find disagreeable, which probably explains why I cant bring myself to do much work in our house. 

I like when workspaces are bright and airy. Ideally it should also be organized but we all know that is but a pipe dream. Looking at the state of my own desk as I type this I am faced with stacks of papers and wires strewn willy nilly and I can never find a pen even though I have five scattered about. Clutter is always the enemy but we should take some time to clean up periodically, something I also need to remind myself. Isn't it nice and conducive to work at a tidy, organized space?

If you're planning to spruce up your workspace a great place to start with would be the table. A trestle table gives that art studio feel and you can stack some boxes on the legs for additional organization. This one from Ikea is a long-time favorite and one of the more inexpensive options as well. Another important item is your light source. Depending on the work you can make do with general overhead lighting or a tabletop task lamp if you need focused light for detail work like sewing. Wall mounted lamps are a space-saving option if you're short on room. Again, Ikea has got you covered on this but check out your local thrift store for great finds for cheap. The third, and I think most important, component of any workspace is the chair. Improper seating posture can lead to various aches so if you're going to splurge on something make it this one. The Aeron chair from Herman Miller is the ultimate in desk chairs but it's not the most affordable nor is it the most attractive one. Alternatives range from Eiffel chairs to vintage classroom stools but it all depends on the person. Comfort should be the top priority in choosing desk chairs.

Not everyone has the luxury of having a spare room for an office or studio but a small, organized and well designed desk works just as well... and always remember to keep it clean. An orderly desk makes for a much more pleasant working experience and it will be easier to concentrate. Your mind may be cluttered but your space does not have to reflect that.


  1. Beautiful inspiration images Mika, I just went a little crazy pinning them all to my Pinterest!
    I wish I could say my desk looked like one of these, but truth is when I'm working I'm practically buried under piles of paper, fabric, books and tools! My favourite thing to do though is once something is finished, or I have a spare few hours, is to tidy it up so it's super neat & clean again. Nothing like sitting down to work on a fresh project with a clear, clean desk. I just wish I could be a bit less messy when I'm working so it always looked that way!

    1. Glad you liked it! I feel you on the mess; every time I attempt to tidy up it seems like my desk has it's own mind and becomes a chaotic pile after just a few days.

  2. Great post, it's a bit of a dream to have such a space that you're 100% happy with. Black and white seems to go so well (more white), bringing in lots of light but not feeling too busy that it's actually distracting. Ikea is a great place to start you're right. A comfy chair is a must. Currently I'm working out of my front room sadly.

  3. Such good inspiration. I'm reconsidering my workspace right now and a larger desk is key - space to draw and spread out as well as fit the fixed computer. I'm thinking of combining a solid wood desktop with the Ikea legs as the base as that extra storage space would be nice.


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