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Men's Jacket, Muji

Fashion magazines just love to preach about the joys of wearing men's clothing, almost like they're required to. Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend sweater, boyfriend blazer. How cool, how subversive. So edgy. You know what, they're just clothes. At the end of the day, a button down shirt is a button down shirt, regardless of whom it is marketed to. I say screw gendered clothing and wear whatever the hell you want. Rad Hourani is onto something with his unisex designs.


  1. Yeah the turn boyfriend, bit naff. The boyfriends don't even wear those jeans and blazers. Muji is one of my favs

  2. haha amen. no boyfriend would really want to be seen in these boyfriend jeans! muji is so rad, wish we had them in australia. i always have to get my fix when i'm in kuala lumpur or singapore.

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

  3. Haha! Yes, this is one of my pet hates, especially with magazines. Also the stores that sell 'boyfriend' styles for twice the price you could actually just go out & buy one from the mens section for, crazy. I own lots of pieces that are technically menswear, purely because I liked the design or cut better. I'm a big fan of Muji too, though their homewear section always sucks me in & I come out with yet more clear containers... Hah.


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