Get Ready for China

Remember the Japan trip I was eagerly anticipating? To my utter disappointment the dates were not the only thing that was changed but also the destination. So instead of going to Osaka we're going to Shanghai in early October. Probably. The place has been set but no sure word yet on when exactly we're flying out. At this point I'm tired of speculating... but hey, a free trip is a free trip and bitching and moaning wont accomplish anything. 

I came across womenswear designer Uma Wang while researching on things to see in Shanghai. I have to admit I know very little about contemporary Chinese designers since I'm more interested on how the Chinese economy is influencing fashion merchandising and advertising rather than observe what is currently happening in the local Chinese fashion scene (also I tend to consider Hong Kong as distinct from mainland China). I can attribute this to the fact that I view China as more of a manufacturing hub  than a creative one. That is of course an egregious oversight since a country of more than a billion people will definitely have a flourishing design community, especially in cities as big as Shanghai.

The thing I noticed with a lot of Chinese designers, whether in fashion or other fields, is that they use a lot of historical references in their work. A lot of the silhouettes Uma Wang uses remind me of ancient Chinese terracotta warrior statues but updated and married with a western aesthetic. 

Texture is very important when one chooses to dress in monochrome and the fabric she used are nothing short of amazing, especially the loose knit textile she used in her latest collection. I also like that the clothes are wearable yet interesting and as always, the coats are my favorites. What's an A/W collection without beautiful outerwear? 

Uma Wang's designs are exactly the things I'm looking for now that my style is moving towards a cleaner, more streamlined direction. I'm looking forward to seeing her designs in person. 

I have a lot more to read up on Shanghai and I'm getting more and more excited for the trip as I go along. Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I've been a fan of Uma Wang for a little while now too, such beautiful silhouettes & textures. I was similar to you in that I didn't really think of China as a 'creative' place, especially for fashion, but I have come across soo many amazing Chinese designers recently & it's totally altered my view.

  2. I have been fascinated by the designs of Mixmind ever since I saw a profile of Ma Ke in Selvedge magazine a while back.

  3. If your second name is Wang and you work in design industry, you have to be good ;)


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