Dress, thrifted / Skirt, thrifted / Vest, DIY 

I had a lot of fun taking these photos one fine Saturday a few weeks ago. BGC is practically deserted during daytime on the weekendsgreat news for me, as having my photo taken in public gives me great anxiety.

My favorite areas in BGC are the alleyways between the high rise buildings. Stark, industrial, clean lines: all qualities I like in structures. These photos were taken in one of those spots. There's always a swift breeze flowing in those narrow paths, a godsend during afternoons when the humidity is simply unbearable. We used that wind to great effect here to make languid, fluid shapes out of the different layers of clothing. My weird sheer dress is finally getting a lot of mileage now that I layer it with all sorts of things.


  1. You look lovely, especially with your dress flowing all around you.

  2. The breeze adds a real motion to the photos, good timing. It's a really good location that too, sounds like a great area. Are you basically working through a busy city but it's just deserted?

    1. It's basically a commercial/business district. The area is very busy on workdays (I myself work there) but quite empty on weekends.

  3. These are so beautiful - love the movement in them & the grey industrial buildings are the perfect backdrop too. I still need to get around to making myself one of those vests, such a good, simple layering piece. I wish I had some spare time...

  4. Such nice photos. The wind blew just right, everything flows together so nicely. Really enjoy the pairing of the mary janes. Great choice! The composition of the photos are very nice too! You stand out so nicely yet I can see around you.


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