Plain Side Zip Boots

I figured it's about time I bought a new pair of shoes.

Prior to this purchase I had only four pairs: my heavily used black 1461 plain welt Dr. Martens, black ankle wedge boots for fancier occasions, cheap black cotton mary jane flats and a pair of beyond distressed Chucks. I'd wear the Docs most days of the week and those are putting up with the abuse well enough for the most part, but I expected that when I bought them earlier this year. 

I never had much of an issue style-wise with having a small selection of shoes though I do realize that wearing a pair repeatedly for days on end wreaks havoc on the longevity of the shoes. This was why I was determined to find something I could alternate for everyday use. Docs sure are durable but I would also want to keep them looking nice longer.

So on to the shoe search. I was on the hunt for a good pair of boots but it's slim pickings here in sunny Manila outside of fast fashion stores and there's no way I'm paying upwards of $100 for shoes that will come apart in a few months. There's also that ever present difficulty of finding plain women's leather shoes, let alone boots. Why is it that stores think that bedazzling the heck out of a pair of shoes makes it more desirable? The simpler something is, the harder it is to source. Why this happens, I have no idea.

In my frustration I toyed with the idea of simply giving up and just get a pair custom made. I actually started looking for a decent shoemaker. I was already convincing myself to take the plunge when I came across the boots pictured above in one of the thrift stores along my train stop. Lines to the turnstiles were long as usual so I thought to kill time poking around the shops. 

They were strewn carelessly on the dirty tiled floor. One glance and I knew they were something special. Nice leather and the shape and profile of the boots were just what I was looking for. And they fit! Please dont be expensive, I thought to myself. 380php! How about 350php? Even when faced with an absolute deal my miserliness could not help but show itself.

I went home thoroughly pleased with the boots and googled the brand out of curiosity... and they turned out to be worth quite a sum, with average prices of 300 €. Not designer tier, but pricey nonetheless. Italian made, sturdy and looks very similar to an Ann Demeulemeester pair I lost out on Ebay. The only negative thing I can say about them is that the shaft opening is a little too wide for my calves but I can live with thatfor 350php I cant complain much. 

Can you say score? Best thrift find of the year so far.


  1. Wait. Just give me a minute to breathe here and process this. I still can't believe you only have four pair of shoes.....


  2. You can say score, sounds like the perfect find to me. Worth holding out for, I wonder who got rid though?

  3. Such a great find there! I'm happy you were able to find them. Have you been wearing them a lot and coming up with ideas based around them? That's always fun to me. I bet getting a custom pair of shoes would be quite pricy? Is it easy to come across someone willing to do that over there?
    Funny enough I got into shoe making because I could never find what I wanted to make... not at an acceptable price for me at least. Thank you for stopping by a while back and leaving a comment. I appreciate it. We actually ended up not making our all suede run of shoes for this time around although they will be available at some point. Glad you liked them!

    1. It is pricey but there used to be a booming shoe making/manufacturing industry here and while it's not as big as it was before, there are still a few shoemakers and companies continuing the trade so it wasn't difficult to find one. You'd be surprised at the cost though. I know in western countries getting shoes custom made is almost if not as expensive as buying a designer pair but here the price starts at about $100 for simple designs. And those are shoes are made from the material of your choice and the soles are stitched, not glued.

  4. I really don't understand the whole bedazzled, rhinestone style on anything. -_- It's just too complicated and doesn't make sense to my minimalist brain.


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