Overnight Bag

Most of the time I require my bags to be nothing more than nondescript black sacks of canvas and leather. Simple and understated. Utilitarian, even. I still don't understand the appeal of "It" bags. Right now I'm using a recyclable shopping bag made of something that's neither cloth nor plastic. Disposable, yes, but it does the job.

I've been looking for a decent overnight bag for the longest time and was close to buying one from Unit Portables, but the shipping logistics were prohibitive. Luckily I found this bag while browsing in one of the thrift stores in Cubao X a couple of days ago for the princely sum of 245php and saved myself a couple grand. It even came with a shorter strap so you can lug it around as a handbag but I have yet to explore the different possibilities of using it.

This bag is perfect for traveling to save on baggage costs. Speaking of which my travel plans have been put on hold. It's not very clear if the travel dates are merely being pushed back or the destination is being changed. I sure hope it's the former.


  1. i love the massiveness of this bag, looks like it drapes beautifully. have a thing for large sack-like bags :)

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

  2. I like its shape and the functionality. Good choice!
    As for "it" bags, I'm with you - not my cup of tea.


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