Things That Happened

A review of stuff that went down over the past weeks:

1. I got this unusual wrap-around skirt for 50php at a renovation sale in one of the thrift stores along the Ayala MRT station. Made from a rather substantial material, it has two vents at the slightly scooping back and two thin straps at the waist that tie into a paperbag waist of sorts. Despite the fabric it wasn't stifling at all and drapes beautifully. Paired with a sheer dress (seen here) with panels that echo the lines of the skirt. 

2. I found myself trapped in a conversation with a bizarre woman while waiting for the train. Note to self: do not engage eye contact with strange people. She spoke in a wheezy whisper and clutched her neck with her hand as though she was trying to strangle herself every time she talked. I had to restrain myself from asking what was wrong with her. She inquired about everything from my religion to whether I had high blood pressure. Charming. 

Turns out she was looking for work. Our company does not hire high school graduates, I said. She babbled on and on in the way that lonely people do when they hadn't talked to anyone in ages and continued talking even though I had plugged in my earphones. I wished her luck in her job search. 

3. Graphic design coerced me into buying an expensive box of muesli. Screw you, packaging design. I was merely shopping for milk and oatmeal when these caught my eye. Very nice. Before I knew it I was seriously considering buying it when I've never had muesli before and a damn box cost four times over my regular bag of oats. I even chose it over a Waitrose one of the exact same thing even though it was cheaper and weighed more. But the box is so cute! It's organic! Support good design! 

I'm gonna punch myself in the face if these turn out to be a dud, I muttered to myself as I handed over my money at the tills. 

Well what do you know, I'm almost through my nicely designed box of organic muesli and I do not feel ripped off. Sometimes superficiality can render good results.

4. Osaka trip next month confirmed with a mostly open itinerary so I might be able to squeeze in a Tokyo detour. Needless to say I can barely sleep due to excitement. May cannot come any sooner. Any recommendations?


  1. Been scouring the www just to end up here. Love your style, love your blog.

  2. Oh I do love my Dorset cereals! ;D The dark chocolate ones are of course the best. But yes, they are expensive! And you always find them in that expensive corner where all the gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free stuff is! I love your sense of style anyway, I also checked out your graphic design portfolio. Talented lady!

    1. I know! But my mornings are so much better when I have it for breakfast so I'm willing to splurge :D

  3. I get sucked into buying stuff for the packaging but don't overspend, can't do it. i must say every time I've tried Dorset cereal I've not been loads into it. Had a fruity one once and I just gave it away to my gf, I dunno.

    The top was a good find, makes for a great outfit with the lengths and stuff.

  4. Design always wins. I spent all my time in Osaka tracking down a delicious and expensive solar system of chocolates. They're at L'eclat in Rihga Royal Hotel if you're tempted.

    Sneak off to Kyoto if you can and get lost in Fushimi Inari-taisha.


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