No matter how stringent we may be in editing our closets there's always going to be that one thing we end up collecting. For a lot of people it's a toss-up between shoes and bags. I understand the fascination with shoes as I am also very enamored with them, yet I only own a few pairs myself. Obsession doesn't always lead to a purchase.

For me it's skirts. It's ironic because in reality I'm in in pants most days and given the lifestyle I lead, skirts aren't the most practical things to wear anyway. That doesn't stop me from buying them though, and it's not like I go out shopping with the sole purpose of hunting for skirts either. I've been thrifting for years and if experience taught me anything it would be that great skirts are ridiculously easy to find. In fact, most of my skirts came from the thrifts and bought for practically nothing. This is both boon and bane, for I find all of these interesting skirts going for pennies yet I own far too many for the frequency I actually wear them. It's impractical, illogical and a waste of space.

The best skirt I ever bought was a Hussein Chalayan design from his 2002 Ambimorphous show, pictured below. It's also the best thrift find I've scored so far. I came across it in one of those derelict buildings in Baguio with floors upon floors of secondhand clothing a few years ago, selling for 150php (about $3). Expensive, since I rarely buy anything from the thrifts for above 50php. I'm a cheapskate, I know. Bought it anyway. That time I hardly knew who Hussein Chalayan was and bought the damn thing simply because it was so strange and I've never seen anything like it before. It took me a long time before I was able to trace from which collection the skirt came from. Until now I'm still not sure I'm wearing it the right way.

Also the most difficult skirt to iron ever.

Like most collectors I have my preferences and particular silhouettes I favor. I'm very into high waisted skirts. I love me a complicated draped design. Modest lengths are always good. I like challenging skirts, ones that make me question whether I'm wearing it backwards or what or if it really is a skirt. 

Currently I have about ten or so skirts in my wardrobe. It might not seem excessive but through the years I've given or thrown away easily twice that number. It's such a disgrace to see my beloved skirts languishing unworn so I've decided to wear one at least once a week. It shouldn't be too hard and is definitely more comfortable to wear than pants now that the weather has turned wretchedly humid. 

Do you collect anything? It would be nice to know that I am not alone in my struggle. 


  1. I'm exactly the same, mine are black boots or black jackets, I have too many of both. I have about 8 pairs of black boots which all look almost identical (except to me!) yet I cannot stop buying similar pairs, it's an addiction. Jackets I tend to buy in the sales, I think they're a great investment piece & it's hard to find one that fits *just right*, so when I do find one I buy it, even if I don't need it! It's that whole 'I'll regret it if I don't' way of thinking that takes over.
    The skirt is absolutely beautiful though & definitely worth the extra money, it's so interesting, I bet there are so many ways you could wear it.

  2. First, that skirt is beautiful, and well worth the investment. Amazing that you managed to thrift it - what a find!

    Second, yes, I too am a collector. An obsessive. My weakness is leather pants (I own four pairs) and anything by the label Lover (especially their lace dresses).

    I am trying to become better at making investment purchases though - to buy that coveted item once, at the best quality, rather than multiple times at lesser quality.

    1. I'd love to wear leather pants but unfortunately the weather here is simply too humid for them.

      I checked out Lover and their lace dresses are great! I'm not sure if it's the way they cut the lace but the patterns seem almost modern, feminine but never cloyingly so.

  3. that chalayan skirt is absolutely gorge! i can totally see my mom rocking it. hmm..what do i collect? well, i'm obsessed with anything leather particularly leather accessories. if only the weather permits here i would be wearing leather all the time. i used to collect more stuff like bags and shoes but not anymore.

  4. ohhh by the way is this the ann dem tee you got? looks great on you btw!

  5. I think I collect shirts but not on purpose, it's my sort of uniform staple. what I wear nearly ever day, especially blue ones.

    Now that is one cheapo find, you will have it for ever

  6. I try not to collect anything on purpose but I seem to accumulate a lot of bits from nature; nothing to do with fashion, obviously.
    Your skirt may be hard to iron but it is a beauty. Confession: I rarely iron anything.
    To answer your query about Acne pistol boots: the quality is excellent!

  7. what an amazing find! it's a gorgeous skirt, and yeah it looks so strange but in a really good way ;) i have too many black shoes and most are sitting in my closet because they're simply too painful to wear.. but so beautiful though! so i know how you feel!

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

  8. If I collect anything, it would be clothes. I would nominate black dresses with interesting details which work as a complete outfit. Like you it would seem, shoes don't quite entice me.


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