Yohji for Spring

Yohji Yamamoto Spring 2009
(images from style.com)

If we were to believe the weather reports, the cold front is expected to last well until March. While I'm extremely pleased with the extended chill the Philippines is experiencing, I cannot ignore how summer is just a hop and a song away especially when the sun is beating down on me during my morning commute. Lenten Season starts next week! For most Filipinos, that's when you start planning your annual family beach trip.

Naturally, Spring/Summer is my least favorite time of the year because that's when the pastel and floral stuff dominate the stores. I refuse to wear a dress with a dainty flower print. I'll stick to my blacks and grays, thanks.

For this year's summer wardrobe inspiration we look back to 2009arguably one of the best years for fashion in recent memory. As a testament to Yohji's genius, this collection (or any of his, really) hardly looks dated and is much more interesting than most of the current crop of S/S collections. What I hate most about fashion is the pomp and debauchery that follows in its wake, but YY's designs are refreshingly free from those things. The thing about YY is that he designs clothes, not fashion. You can easily see yourself wearing his creations and actually living in them. Trend-proof, intellectual, fuss free clothing that will last for the modern woman. 

Loose trousers are the perfect alternative to a ratty pair of denim short shorts and proves that hot, sticky weather doesn't automatically mean dressing like a sloppy teenager while breezy, oversized light jackets worn with open necklines shows that you can still layer in the summer. I admit I don't have a lot of white pieces aside from a shirt or two but maybe this year is the right time to try something new? A long white button down is especially appealing.

Now I just need a constant breeze to follow me around for that perfect windblown hair look.


  1. the top 4 looks from the show would very much be to my gf's taste

  2. YES YES.. IT;s time to dress intellectually!!!

  3. "You can easily see yourself wearing his creations and actually living in them." is exactly the reason I'm starting to fall towards his designs. Everything feels just right and the fact that you can layer many of his designs on top of each other is a big plus.. Here temperatures can sometimes vary 10C in one day so layering is definitely the most convenient way to dress.

    1. Oh man, 10C? Crazy weather! Mornings here can get really sunny but come nightfall the winds are unbearable.


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