Rinse, Repeat

Derbies, Dr. Martens / Everything Else, Thrifted

Same old, same old. It sure does feel good when you wear the same things day in, day out and you realize that you don't really care what anyone else thinks. 

If you've been reading this rag for a while you'll notice that I don't have an extensive wardrobe. Lots of gray shirts and black black black everywhere. A large bulk of it is composed of clothing I've owned for years. Shopping is done sporadically and only after much consideration. It might seem extremely limiting and rather bleak to some but I wouldn't have it any other way. Instead of feeling constricted I am motivated to create more with less. With this self-imposed austerity I hope to cultivate a semblance of personal style.


  1. i think the whole uniform thing works so well, it gives you an distinct style that becomes you. plus it's also good to wear something out the blue cos no one is expecting it. the drs look grand

  2. i like that you don't have an extensive wardrobe, what you do have is a great sense of style which is why i love your blog!

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

    1. Aww, thanks for the kind words! Brightened up my day :)

  3. I love the idea of having a capsule wardrobe - a handful of pieces that you love, rather than a whole wardrobe of impulse buys. You're right when you talk about being motivated to do more with less. It's something I aspire to (but it's still a work in progress).

    This is a lovely look - I especially like the weight of the brogues with the light, loose layers.

  4. I hear you. It's all about pieces that you can wear day in, day out. It irks me when enviable personal style is associated with constant revision and therefore, shopping.

  5. It's quite liberating to have a carefully edited wardrobe. Mine consists mainly of black too, and contrary to how it appears, I don't own a lot of clothing either.
    I like this outfit a lot!

  6. Completely identify with this way of thinking. Minimalist lifestyle. :) less = more.

  7. That works for me. Get a solid base of few essentials and keep rotating them into everyday looks.

  8. i can totally relate to you. most of the stuff in my closet i've had for years. i just rotate it and mix it with one or two things i have recently acquired. and whenever i go on a shopping binge i take out a few items from my closet that I no longer use and sell it at my boutique. this way i wouldn't feel so bad when i receive my credit card bill!


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