Notes on Printmaking Pt. 2

Still intaglio on acrylic like last time. For some inexplicable reason I always find myself returning to this iconic ukiyo-e print by Hokusai whenever I'm stumped for ideas. The Great Wave Off Kanagawa has been reproduced, referenced and rehashed so many times it's almost laughable, and here I am doing the same thing. 

I have to admit that this piece was hell to make. The tiny, tiny details on the crests were incredibly difficult to recreate, made even more laborious by the fact that you're essentially scratching on a hard plastic surface. Drawing small curves are a killer. Once a wrong stroke mars the surface of the acrylic, there's no erasing it. In the end I think the print resembles grass more so than waves.

The second print was made using a technique called chine colle, literally meaning "thin paper glue," pertaining to the materials used: lightweight paper and some sort of adhesive. Basically, you're using paper as paint, as seen in the print wherein dark blue paper was used to color the waves plus a lighter shade for the background. A quick Google image search shows the potential of this technique and depending on the paper you use, gives the print a tactile quality. Definitely an interesting concept to explore in future printmaking attempts.


  1. These are gorgeous Mika, as are the flower doodles a little further down. I know you said it was hell to make, but I really think the first one is so beautiful, the scratchy-ness & the slight ombre of the colours, so lovely!
    Really looking forward to seeing more of these! :)

  2. you should be really happy with them, the waves do look like waves and i wouldn't have thought grass if you hadn't mentioned it. i've not heard of that technique before. i've been reading up on paper folding techniques of late


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