Stripped and Bare

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Let's take a minute here and admire the stark beauty of concrete floors.

Concrete floors are the embodiment of my beauty philosophy: no fuss, low-key, imperfect but not imprudent. No pretenses. They're hardy, easy to clean and require little maintenance, unlike wooden floors with their constant need for polishing and buffing lest they look uncared for. With concrete floors you just sweep and go. Perfect for lazy bodies.

I think concrete floors look best in interiors with a minimalist/industrial bent because having a floor like that can make a room feel cold and knowing that, why not go all the way? A lot of people feel uneasy in near empty rooms but isn't space a luxury? It takes a certain clarity of vision to fill a room with carefully chosen pieces that complement each other, nary a thing out-of-place, and what better way to show such restraint than a bare concrete floor? 


  1. Oh...I love this type of floor and I think it works well with studios and mga pangmayaman na house. The problem with concrete flooring is dampness and dust created due to traffic, so you always have to polish or seal it. If left unpolished/unsealed, it doesn't do well with stains and the like. Our floor is concrete and it doesn't look great, because our house is too shabby and we have a pet cat. LOL. I like Industrial and Scandinavian interior design, I'm slowly turning the interior of our house into something that marries the two, albeit unsuccessfully, because the space is too small and we're too poor! Hahaha.

    1. Yes yes the concrete has to be sealed! We actually have rooms with concrete floors, one sealed and the other not. The unsealed one looks downright grimy. The sealed one is in a red finish; I'm not very fond of it because it reminds me of floor wax too much haha.

  2. Agree, it looks so cool. I definitely want this some day! And I am trying to keep my room as cleared and 'empty' as possible, looks so much more spacious and gives me a clear mind! Great stuff as usual:)

  3. My old flat had a concrete floor & I absolutely loved it. So much great inspiration here, I've just added almost all of these to my interior inspiration folder, I really love that hanging cube desk too! I love having lots of empty space, but I'm also a very messy person, so despite the fact my room is minimal in terms of decoration & furniture, it never looks that way because of the piles of shoes, clothes & art stuff everywhere!

  4. i like uncluttered spaces too....plus a ton of white from walls to the floor. I am not very much of a concrete-floor type though. And you're right concrete exudes that cool/cold effect. Perhaps that's why I prefer a wooden floor (for the warmth feel)...am a little granny-ish that way....hahaha. Anyway, I could totally picture you living in a bedroom like that on the topmost photo, with the books stacked and all! That is so you!

  5. mmmh.. I fear I am too much parquet-addicted to really enjoy concrete floors :P
    big hugs from an Italian girl in Sweden! :)

  6. just looks ace doesn't it, wish i could find a hotel like this sort of thing. the dog seems to like it too, bonus

  7. I'm with you all the way. With interiors, for me, a sense of space is paramount.

  8. I'm not sure how I feel about concrete floors. I always feel a sense of dirty with them, even when they're pristine. Although I've always been biased toward wood, especially bamboo: low maintenance, environmentally sustainable, and slick yet warm on the feet. :)


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