Proudrace A/W 2012

Proudrace A/W 2012 takes inspiration from surfers, thugs and sharks, hence the title, "Dark Waves." Quite an odd mix of inspiration for a collection made for the cooler months. The results are shirts with shark prints and roses thrown in for a bit of contrast. That's the thing with Proudrace--they always have tshirts with distinct prints. Tees aside, the collection also features versatile pieces that can be easily worn with your existing wardrobe.

What we see are street-ready clothing in the usual Proudrace palette of black and dark gray with the surprising addition of the lightest shade of pastel pink for the ladies. Something to contrast with the dreary skies the latter part of the year tends to have, perhaps? The deconstructed pullovers, uneven midi hemlines and turtleneck dresses bring to mind late 90s Helmut Lang, which is always a good thing in my book.

All of Proudrace's products are handmade in the Philippines. You can view their entire A/W 2012 collection as well as previous ones in their website at www.proudrace.com.


  1. I've never heard of this brand until now & I'm surprised I hadn't as it's exactly the kind of clothing I love. I'm so glad you mentioned them, the garments are beautiful & I love the prints, the shark & roses ones are really lovely. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on their stuff!

  2. long flowing dresses and some men's pieces are my favorites.



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