Black Bag Lady

Tunic, Uniqlo / Midi Skirt, Thrifted / Tights, Muji / Boots, Thrifted

I've heard a lot of comments about my style and appearance on a regular basis, both good and bad, but this outfit takes the cake in the number of unsavory remarks I received in recent memory. I went out on a Sunday and as this was the supposed day reserved for family bonding, there were a lot of kids on the streets. As per the nature of children, their mouths were unabashed, every thought unfiltered, and to their minds, pointing out the lone woman in all black in a derogatory tone as if she was deranged was perfectly fine. This happened more then once and the first time it happened I shot the offending boy a glare that probably proved to him that I was indeed a witch. 

I could write off those rude children because they don't know any better but even adults do this. As I was walking home I passed by two grown men. I guess they have never seen a person in black before because one of them was compelled to jeer at me, saying, "Uy, Paramore! Paramore!" They proceeded to do this until they turned at the corner. Boors. I'm not even a redhead and you think I take style cues from Hayley Williams? At least call me something that makes sense, like "hobo" or "wannabe cult member" or "dumpster diving hag." I mean really.

What is it with black that makes people uneasy? I wear dark colors to blend in and to be left alone. Is wearing a black shirt with a black skirt more jarring than wearing three clashing prints together and showing acres of skin? Oooh black, hue of evil and despair. Cursed are they who dare don this unholy pigment, those damned color-phobic creatures. Begone to the night where you belong.

Poor goths then. Or metal heads. What about New Yorkers? Maybe that's why in Filipino movies the liberated woman out to steal your man always comes from New York. Must be all that black.


  1. I think it's not just because of your outfit being all-black, but the unusual drapery and ankle boots. They're just a couple of those things that aren't considered pedestrian in the Philippines you know? What's important is that you like it and that there are always other people who will appreciate your style.

  2. Oh lord no, that is terrible. I do get the same crap though, only in the Netherlands people just judge in silence. And Paramore? That seems about the worst insult I can think of. I can only appreciate people who wear all black, cause it always looks flattering and cool, in your case as well!

  3. I think it isn't the color black that makes the mass people uneasy. It has to be that your unique style isn't served in their eyes in their everyday lives. Thus creating that ignorance. A little ironic as hell since "goth" or "rocktista" (in filipino lingo) was all the rage (trend) there before. Yes the rocktista "trend" isn't as close to your style but you know what I meant.

  4. better be different than blend in...only then can you truly be free. Kudos to girls like you. I will always love seeing you in black!

  5. That's because most people have never seen the beautiful works of Rick Owens or Yohji Yamamoto. Black carries too much stigma in both Western and and Eastern society and it's difficult for people to look beyond that. Don't worry you're not alone in this situation.

  6. Cool outfit!


  7. I think this is a truly beautiful outfit! Don't listen to them!
    I know exactly what you mean though, I get pretty much the exact same here in the UK too. The most common thing I get called is goth or witch (sometimes vampire too! Hah!), I guess because I'm also really pale, it looks so different to what people are used to seeing & so I obviously stand out amongst the sea of colour, fake tan & flesh. I hate that black has such a bad rep, but I'd never let anyone put me off wearing it, it's a part of who I am & I'd rather stand out & constantly be called names than wear what is considered to be 'normal' around here! ;)

  8. As a fellow black-wearer, I certainly sympathise. I believe I started wearing more black because it was the shade that felt the most me.

  9. uhhgg such ignorant people!
    I get the same reactions sometimes, even from other parents in front of my daughter's school when I pick her up. SO RUDE.
    But I always tell myself this; If no one hates it, no one loves it.
    You look absolutely stunning in black.

  10. When I started to wear all black in high school, people would ask if I was in a cult or a devil-worshipper. Thankfully, I don't get too much of that now - despite the fact that I still wear top-to-toe black on a nearly daily basis!

  11. I live in Los Angeles (West Hollywood)and wear black most of the time. I am a bit gothy, and am in the music industry- so its not unusual. I even get comments about the amount of black I wear (lotsa black clothes wearing people here- not to mention punks, metalheads, goths, etc), and I even wear other colors. I love your outfits and love your descriptions and commentary. Just discovered your blog today via FAIIINT (love FAIIINT too!). Try to ignore them. People need to keep their negative opinions to their-selves! :)


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