Swanky Blankie

Coat, Mu / Top, Thrifted

It seems like I instinctively reach for this coat/blanket hybrid whenever dark skies emerge and rain threatens to fall in torrents. I suppose this is what a Snuggie feels like, minus the dumpiness. The thick material is reminiscent of fleece and sometimes when I wear this coat people ask me whether I'm wearing bedsheets or simply wrapped fabric around my shoulders. If only dressing up would be that easy.

Thank you for your comments and words of encouragement in the last post. I have inquired at a nearby public high school about their vocational night classes and they have free programs on dressmaking, among others, so I'll most probably take that class once it starts on October. Costs nothing, only a walk away, and they provide the machines. Perfect. I'm looking forward to that, though there's also one for auto mechanics but I'm not delusional. I imagine most of my classmates would be housewives since the night classes serve as some sort of livelihood training program and according to my mom, most of the manicurists in our area were graduates of the cosmetology course. I wonder if other public high schools in Manila have classes like these too.

Anyway, I've blabbered enough for today; I shall now go and bury myself in a stockpile of work. Keep safe in the rain.


  1. dressmaking class for free? pray tell, where did you find such school? We didn't even have home economics/TLE when I was in high school...it's a science high school though. :/

    1. A public high school near our place here in Tondo. I'll still shoulder the materials though (cloth, thread, pattern paper, etc). Try asking around your area if they have such programs :)

  2. I love that coat! Your sense of dressing has that ease that I keep striving for but I always end up like a nutcase :/

  3. Love your coat! Xo


  4. What a beautiful coat, if it indeed was just a piece of fabric I would quickly made my one coat, but unfortunately it isn't.

  5. I love that coat. Right up my alley as one would say. And good luck with the new classes you'll be taking, very interested to see how that goes!

    Btw my new blog is up!


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