New Propositions

Asymmetrical Coat, Oxygen / Cardigan, H&M / Clutch, from Hong Kong

It has been quiet in this blog for the past few weeks and I have to admit I haven't been in the best condition lately. I was growing disoriented and disconnected, more lethargic than ever and it seems as though life has been snuffed out out of me. Things I previously enjoyed have lost their appeal. I was getting crankier by the day and snapped at the slighted provocation. I had very little desire to do anything. All of these culminated in a fever and a stomachache the likes of which I have never experienced before. It felt like I got into the losing end of a very violent bar brawl.

Hence, the absence. I've been trying my best to sort out things in real life for my own sake before it escalates. My boyfriend suggested to try out something new to break the rut, like a new hairstyle or maybe wear some color. Maybe, in time. For now I'm looking for a class of some sort, probably dressmaking or printmaking, to force myself to face people and try to be productive. I still feel out-of-sorts but as I take active steps I'm slowly beginning to actually feel better instead of just trying to. 

Or this may very well be just a nasty case of PMS.


  1. I know exactly how you feel, I spent my last year at uni feeling exactly the same, just totally burned out. After I finished I decided to just take time out, let myself rest & not feel like I /had/ to do anything, I also cut all of the negative people out of my life & started spending much more time with those who mattered. I feel a lot better now, though still not 100%. Really hope you're feeling better soon, I think a class would really help, give your mind something new & exciting to focus on :)
    Love this outfit by the way, the clutch is amazing! ♡

  2. Looks like we're in the same predicament with almost everything you mentioned on your post (except the fever and stomach ache). I think you did the right thing by sorting out things in real life. Glad to know I'm not the only one who is going through this.

    I like the outfit very much also. A fresh breathe of air from the bright floral fashionistas sporting this summer (from what I've seen anyway lately). Beautiful clutch btw's too. I'd love to find something similar to that since it has a luxe "portfolio" briefcase feel. Anyway, get better soon.

  3. That sounds horrible. Hope you'll feel better and refreshed soon. And perhaps it is good to try out new things. Exercise, and healthy eating are always good! On another note, I love the size of that clutch!!

  4. I reckon we're in the same boat. I've been battling an inner conflict on my own lately, and it's affecting my academic and social life, on a small scale. It's something that I created within myself and can only be resolved by myself. I've been down a lot lately but I'm trying to be better. I wish the best for you. On a lighter note, your clutch is perfect, Mika!

  5. What I just read what you wrote about your feelings lately, I felt the same exact way the whole of last week, very dark with no way out, so I complitely understand you. I am better now so I hope you are too.
    The styling is great here, with the bag and the jacket.


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