Hong Kong Pt. 3: What I Wore + HK Shopping

Button Down, Thrifted / Midi Skirt, Thrifted / Sunglasses, H&M / Socks, Saizen / Creepers, eBay

I got only one outfit worth sharing when I was in Hong Kong because I was too damn busy. We had our days filled with activities and in the May heat avoiding sunstroke holds more weight than being in fashion. 

Hong Kongers are a stylish bunch--the proximity with China makes affordable clothing readily available. You can even buy wholesale at places like Lai Chi Kok but you can pretty much shop anywhere as Hong Kong beats Manila and Singapore in having the most malls crammed within a square kilometer, especially in the Tsim Sha Tsui area, the heart of Hong Kong consumerism. From the range of styles I've seen, there is a constant trait I've observed with the people of Hong Kong: youthful nonchalance. There's always an air of carefreeness about them. Even independent stores have that feeling of ease. Maybe it's to balance with their fast-paced life?

Went to H&M for the first time and the chaos echoed that of Forever 21, the only difference is that H&M has better clothing. Clothes strewn everywhere, racks close to bursting, people jostling for space. I thought I died and went to retail heaven. Despite that, I went home with only a pair of sunglasses because I don't care for Spring/Summer fashion. I also had high expectations with the Monki store in Langham Place, the only one in Asia, however the prices all but shattered those. I didn't expect it to be that expensive. 

It seems like the best place to shop in Hong Kong if you seek stylish but pocket-friendly clothes is Granville Road. Similar to Hajji Lane in Singapore, Granville Road is home to a lot of stores run by local designers and small indie shops that sell imitation pieces straight from the runway. Make sure to explore the entire length of the road and don't forget to visit Granville Circuit. If you're after cheap, trendy but disposable clothing, your best bet is the Argyle Center/New Town Mall in Mongkok. It's just like 168 but with narrower alleys. On the day we went there, it felt like half of the female teen population in Hong Kong were also shopping at the same time. It was a headache. Argyle Center/New Town Mall is best suited for battle-hardened shoppers, as novices will most likely tap out in just five minutes with that kind of crowd. Be prepared for the onslaught of girly, cutesy clothes. If you're not the feminine type (like me) get ready to head home with your money hardly touched.

Skipped the touristy markets like the Ladies' Market because who the hell cares about souvenir refrigerator magnets. We did go to a flea market in Sheung Wan and got two vintage communist propaganda posters, possibly my favorite purchases from the trip. The Citygate Outlet Mall in Tung Chung is also worth a visit, if only for the I.T. outlet shop. Shoes at 70% off. Comme des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto at 40% off. Too bad I can't afford those even at sale prices.


  1. Can you post photos of the communist propaganda posters? I'm pretty damn envious because I'm kind of obsessed with those hehehe

  2. sounds like a fun trip. i would love to go sometime with your post to guide me along. comme and yohji at 40% sounds promising, but still needy for some deep pockets. love your pics as always.

  3. Gorrrgeous outfit. And yeah even sale prices suck usually, bummer.

  4. I love your blog... I really love your style, your outfits... you're gorgeous and really inspire me. I'm changing my wardrobe into black, white and grey (among other dark colors) for the first time (I'm just comfortable wearing that, this is who I am and I've always wanted to be, but because of my job with kids and my boss politics I wasn't able to do it till now). You're a great inspiration for me.

    I've you in my "blogs that I read" section in my blog :D




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