Hong Kong Pt. 2: Wandering

top to bottom: Somewhere in Mongkok, Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan, view from the hostel terrace, scouring for books at Kubrick, Western Market, Broadway Cinematheque, milk boxes for sale at 7-11, a random building in Yau Ma Tei, a random but interesting building facade in Yau Ma Tei

How do I even begin to describe Hong Kong.

I don't find Hong Kong to be particularly pretty. I always got the sense that I was just walking around in Binondo or Sta. Cruz, albeit cleaner. The city is cramped and it shows in the architecture. Concrete high rises with tiny windows, air conditioning units jutting out and dripping on the sidewalks below. On the street level you see high end boutiques, but look up and you'll see a less glamorous building and huge neon signs that block out the sun. 

There is a particular image of Hong Kong that stuck to my mind. We were on the Airport Express en route to the city and we passed by an island. On that island stood a cluster of identical skyscrapers and judging from the laundry hanging on the windows, it was intended for housing. Those bleak gray buildings lined up in neat rows with little space between each other are what a couple thousand people call home and all I can picture was 1984-esque concrete hell. 

Despite that, Hong Kong has its charms. I'm used to grime and ugly architecture--living in a ghetto in one of the world's dirtiest cities does that to you. It's the feeling of claustrophobia that I dislike. The people living in Hong Kong seem to have accepted this and there's a lot more to love about Hong Kong than dislike. 

Would I visit again? Yes, because what I've seen and experienced of Hong Kong is nothing but a minuscule part of it. For me, there lies the beauty in traveling: there's always something new to discover in a place even after repeated visits--especially after repeated visits.

(To be continued)


  1. wow beautiful pictures and I love this post! I've always wanted to go to Hong Kong it just seemed so raw and industrial.

  2. I definitely want to go to Hong Kong again. If you ask my friends, they'll tell you how I've got this strange obsession with Oriental (specifically Chinese) aesthetics and the last time I went, which was in 2004, I didn't fully appreciate the experience. I, strangely enough, adore the way skyscrapers and neon signs in Chinese look. Maybe that's why I liked Blade Runner so much.

    Anyway, irrelevant stuff about me aside. This post is amazing. Your pictures are fantastic and push me to take less shitty photos during my travels.

  3. Amazing blog! Would you like to follow each other? ;X


  4. hey, as for the sewing machines, just go to pier. ang dami. portables costs round 3-4k. if high speed it's around 9k to 12k depending on brand and model. gow!

  5. These are very good pictures! I like the third one especially. Enjoy!

  6. oh i wanna visit china so bad <3


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