Asymmetrical top, Thrifted / Drape skirt, Thrifted

When the temperature rises, our immediate response is to shed layers of clothing. I find that difficult to do because I consider clothes as armor and the more I pile on, the more secure I feel. That is why it is rare for me to step out with just a shirt and jeans. The last time I did that felt like utter shit. I can only pull that off with certain pieces of apparel, pieces that feel like second skin: my trusty oversized button down, a favorite black top, a breezy dress.

Personally I think that only confident persons dare present themselves to the world with only the barest of vanities. I envy them, men and women who traipse through life effortlessly, or at least seemingly so. Maybe someday I too can be secure with myself and get some self-esteem.

I'm not alone in this though. Many women feel incomplete without a ton of slap on their faces. I've met people who act as if they lost an arm if they forget to bring a handkerchief. Meanwhile I get jittery if I'm not swaddled in yards of cloth. I may have managed to lessen my accessorizing but I compensated with thinking of more ways to hide myself through clothes.

It's ironic that I'm writing this wearing a striped shirt (a great staple), loose trousers, a pair of cotton mary janes and nothing else. And I feel fine. Maybe it's really just a matter of perspective.


  1. everyone has their insecurities. i definitely have some kinks to work out. took a look at your diy projects and i'm inspired.

  2. I started taking more interest in fashion (and consequently my personal style) when I realised what I wore changed how I presented myself. I like the idea of style as an extension of your personality. You raise an interesting point and to feel incomplete without layers is entirely valid.

  3. Haha sounds very familiar. My problem is, I am scared to show 'too much' skin. So I mostly cover up everything. Cleavage and things like that are an absolute NO-NO for me. Love that top btw:)


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