White Button Down, Thrifted / Draped Skirt, Thrifted / Maroon Socks, Saizen / Creepers, Ebay

Wore this to see a 12.45 AM screening of The Avengers. That's not a typo. We really did watch a two and a half long movie at 12.45 in the freaking morning. Last full show and still the movie house was full. 

Thankfully the movie wasn't a bomb and save for some occasional cheesy shots and moments that pander to fanboys, it was an excellent summer action movie. The scenes that were supposed to be hilarious were actually funny. A first: having a hearty laugh along with the audience in a film that's not supposed to be a comedy. The only other complain I have along with the tiny serving of cheese is that there was not enough Hiddles in the movie. That said, there can never be enough Hiddles in any movie so Josh Whedon gets a pass.

Also, I could harp on about how Loki isn't really the main source of conflict in the story but rather the Avengers themselves and how they couldn't get along with each other initially but isn't that the essence of the entire movie to begin with? 


  1. i figure i'll watch it sooner or later, so it's good to know it wasn't horrible

  2. Hmm, wasn't planning on seeing it but perhaps you've changed my mind. Top outfit btw, love that skirt!


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