Asymmetrical Coat

Coat, Oxygen

I wanted this coat since I first saw it way back December 2011, but the prohibitively expensive price kept me away from the cashier. Despite that I still thought about it and even considered buying it at full price, but when I returned to the store, the coat was nowhere to be found. 'Tis not meant to be, I consoled myself.

Turns out I was searching the wrong racks because three months later I was able to purchase it for almost half the price thanks to the clearance sales. Proof that when you want something badly enough you'll get it eventually, even though it might be the wrong season for it. No complaints though. It might be a man's jacket but when did I ever let such trivialities stop me? A few alterations on the shoulders and sleeves ensured proper fit and while I cannot possibly wear it outside in the current weather, there's always the freezer known as our office to chill around.


  1. omg meron pa ba nyan... comment back naman. love et. very rad hourni. super hnahanap ko sya

  2. omg that is beautiful! wish I was tall and edgy enough to rock that. i would totally pair that with platforms.

  3. ooh this is nice to see, I have the same thing but we pull it off differently, its a nice jacket really

  4. I adore your coat, it looks so minimalist and edgy <3

  5. Dear god that is a nice coat! That neckline, BADASS! Good for you!

  6. I must say that bun reminds me of Blade Runner fashion. And I love it.


  7. Woooow. Dat coat. I love how it looks in the second to the last photo. The whole look is perfect, actually.

    This is probably my favourite outfit of yoursss

  8. Well, that's an awesome coat!! I really like the idea of asymetrical clothes, so interesting.
    Nice blog, btw.

    Mau V.

  9. The perfect jacket is always one that looks good either open or closed. The zipper layered over a row of buttons is also intriguing.

  10. Lovely purchase! It reminds me of Rick Owens or Ann Demeulemeester's design aesthetic on their jackets themselves. What a steal! I did not know highstreet shops in my country can come up with this.

    I must say I'm jealous. It suits you and your style well. Looks versatile too. Beautiful silhouette on the coat.


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