It's Officially Summer

I was watching the early morning news and they were playing a certain kind of music. That cliche island music. The kind that makes you think of beaches and drinking out of coconuts while wearing a loud Hawaiian print shirt. It was unnerving because the only music that news show ever plays in all seriousness is the La Sallian Alma Mater Hymn whenever there's a bit of positive La Sallian news. Yes folks, I watch the telecast of DZ Dobol B with Mike Enriquez on Channel 11.

It turns out that PAGASA announced that the summer season starts today. Like an official announcement is even necessary--we have been feeling it since the start of this week. As I have said repeatedly, summer is my least favorite time of the year especially now that I'm working because I no longer have two months worth of summer vacation. Students have it easy.

To ease my heat-induced grumpiness, here's a summer playlist. The playlist doesn't really have BEACH! SURF! HEATSTROKE! written all over it but I do think the songs I chose have the upbeat, feel good vibes to them that makes them perfect for a summer playlist. After all, summer isn't just about those things. Personally I think the perfect summer activity would be to get on a plane and fly someplace where it's not 35°C.

Feeling Good - Muse

Sunday Morning - No Doubt

Ceremony - New Order

Venus as a Boy - Björk

In the City - The Jam

Island in the Sun - Weezer

A Window - Radio Dept

Little L - Jamiroquai

Les Promesses - Autour de Lucie

Aqueous Transmission - Incubus


  1. Venus as a Boy, wheeee love that song! I really like your hair btw. And thanks for that link, really calming environments going on there, something I so NEED right now! <3

  2. that playlist is EVEYYYTHING!!!!!


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