Black and Black Everywhere

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The benefits of having a wardrobe devoid of color:
  1. Everything matches.
  2. No need to review your color theory class notes about complimentary and analogous color combinations so early in the morning.
  3. You can wear the same things multiple times during the week without anyone noticing because most of the things you own are of the same color.
  4. You can wear the same things multiple times during the week because stains are rendered invisible on black.
  5. Color trends become irrelevant and pointless.
  6. You are forced to become more creative in dressing because you essentially removed a key visual element. You turn your eye towards form and texture (among other things) to create interest.
  7. It is an exercise in minimalism.
  8. Shopping is easier because you zone in only on clothing that comes in your preferred palette. The unenlightened ones can have their fill of pinks and yellows.
  9. You blend in easily with the concrete in a cityscape.
  10. You can never go wrong with black, white, and the many shades of gray anyway.


  1. fuck... grabe. i admire u so much. i love the pointers. hahaha god yer so brilliant

  2. Agreed! I love wearing achromatic outfits.


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