Half a Crane

This is a rather simple DIY project. All you need is a sheet of paper and dextrous hands. Follow these instructions until step 4. Ensure that your creases are precise and your points sharp. If you're not used to making origami pieces, choose paper that is on the thin side, as the repeated folding will be more difficult when working with thick, unwieldy paper. I reckon yesterday's newspaper would be a good choice, plus the newsprint will add a nice, graphic touch to the finished piece.

Make seven pieces, as shown, with one piece as the largest and three other pairs, each pair smaller than the last one. You could also make more or less if you so wish, as long as the number of pieces stay odd. Join the pieces together with glue, connecting them in such a way that they fan in out a semi-circular fashion. Attach a ribbon or a chain to the ends. Wear with insouciance. Yes, you are wearing a paper necklace.


  1. THAT IS CRAZY! I'd love to try it, but, although I have tons of paper, my craft skills are basically nonexistent. :)

  2. I love the idea of taking something unprecious like paper and turning it into jewellery.

  3. Aah love it! But I think this would be waaay to hard for me and I would end up with a shredded necklace haha!


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