Contrast is Always Interesting

Coat, Mu / Top and Skirt, Thrifted / Tights, Muji / Creepers, Ebay

Wearing two of my favorite clothing items: the Mu coat and the thrifted skirt with the unusual draping. I got the coat for around 2500php in Singapore, the skirt for 50php in a thrift store somewhere in Quiapo.

I love how these two are quite the opposites in a lot of ways but manages to look well together. The geometric lines of the coat provide a good foil for the soft drapes of the skirt, lending a lot of texture to an otherwise simple monochromatic outfit. The most unexpected pairings are often the best ones, like french fries dipped in ice cream, black with white and Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsen.


  1. Completely agree with you. A lovely description. And a very remarkable ensemble.


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