shirt, thrifted / zip-up vest, thrifted / trousers, filched from my sister / creepers, ebay / bag, oxygen

We went to see a Picasso exhibit a few weeks ago at the Met and while I'm not big on Cubism nor with Picasso himself, it's not everyday an exhibit like this is shown in this country. There was a cellist playing and I've never seen a cellist play live before. The sound was a fitting companion to the works on display. I felt smart and cultured, spending a Saturday evening in the museum analyzing Picasso's scrawls instead of just vegetating on my bed and staring at the ceiling, waiting for something fun to happen.


  1. Amazing blog!
    I really like all your outfits,
    dark colours are the best! ;D

    Picasso! Nice.

  2. Agree, you have a great style! keep it up!
    Love belt and bag!

  3. Wow, how did I not know about this? I definitely would have gone!


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