Cotton Mary Janes

I almost bought an identical pair off Amazon but the shipping alone would've sufficed for five pairs for the price I bought it. Listed as "Chinese Cotton Mary Jane Shoes," we merely call it kung-fu shoes, pardon the slight racist tone. I have been inactively searching for these for quite some time, inactive being the operative word because a huge chunk of shoe-shopping entails serendipity, and without the kindness of my younger sister I might have never spotted these in the maze of shoe racks at the Landmark.

Looks great, feels great, goes with everything. The trifecta of shoe perfection, for only PHP150.


  1. i love kung fu flats...they've been my feet's bff since high school! Happy new year by the way!

  2. Hold up, hoooold up, 150 pesos?

  3. Thanks! I love Loki toooo! But mostly because Tom Hiddleston is like, the man of my dreams. I had my Thor costume made and my friend Kirsten made her own costume. She's like the God of Crafts.


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