Inspiration: Björk, Specifically, Her Hair

There are so many things to be said about Björk but for now, let's talk about her hair.

What hasn't this woman done with her hair? She has gone from having hair all over to none at all. She has transformed her hair into a sculpture, made it look as if it were attacked by a marauding pair of scissors, fried and teased until it it closely resembles the dried up remains of a sea sponge... she gets the award for pure craziness. BUT IT WORKS. She looks beautiful all the time. Possibly my favorite Björk hair moment from recent memory is her performance at the 2004 Athens Olympics where she managed to look both other-wordly and grounded, but that's Björk for you. The hairstyle she seems to be synonymous with is the one in the Big Time Sensuality video where she had a head full of tiny buns but in the same breath she can pull off sexy, tousled hair like no other. In everything she does there is a vision, a concept, and the execution from the music to the visuals to the live performance is blended seamlessly to form what we know as Björk.

What else can I say? Björk is art in a woman's form.


  1. wow amazing how she always reinvented herself!

  2. Overwhelming desire to put my hair up into a lopsided French bun. Hairspiration indeed.

  3. Gosh I could not love this post more. I really like her hair in Unravel, with the braids. Actually I like her hair in everything. I even like her big orange afro that she's rocking nowadays! I'm guessing you're also a fan of her music? So how do you like Biophillia?


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