A Study in Gray

top, thrifted / skirt, thrifted / zippered leggings, SM / shoes, bugis market

Originally I was going to wear gray leggings with this outfit but then I realized I blended too much with the concrete walls. Gray will always be my favorite color to wear. Black is sometimes a tad too dark and I want my black clothing to stay black but with a laundrywoman who is a menace when armed with a bottle of bleach that is near impossible. Black clothing maintenance is too demanding and when you're the type to just chuck dirty laundry into the washer it will fade sooner or later. This never happens with gray. Gray clothes will fade into... a lighter shade of gray.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm actually looking forward to Christmas. I'm not the type to pine over holidays and I don't even celebrate my birthday but I think I'm going soft. Looking at Christmas photos from all over the world does that to you. Seeing people's bright smiles competing with the lights gives one a fuzzy feeling and hey, my sister's going home from Singapore and it's always a good time in the house when the family's complete. The time off from work and the gifts don't sound so bad either.

Laundry talk and Christmas, what is going on with my mind.


  1. I can't believe you thrifted the skirt and top! Love this look, especially the shoes!


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