Manila, Early Morning

dress/tunic, thrifted / belt, the ramp / necklace, DIY

The trains were breaking down again. The roads were a complete disaster but lacking an alternative, I was forced to ride a jeepney. Some questions:

1. Why do Filipinos refuse to use pedestrian lanes and footbridges even at the risk of death?
2. Why do young kids have to go up jeepneys and wipe shoes or sing Christmas carols and beg for alms? Do they earn more with this method?
3. How many vehicles can you cram into Taft before it implodes and becomes a blackhole?
4. Why do people feel the need to talk to each other at the top of their voices in an enclosed space with other people present?
5. When will Filipinos learn traffic rules and regulations and actually follow them?

These are rhetorical questions, but it makes me feel better asking them. And yes, I came to work late.


  1. Sigh. I constantly ask myself these questions, and I don't even commute! Also, I'm pretty sure you've heard the statement, "if you can drive in Manila, you can drive anywhere." It couldn't be more true.

  2. You should watch IRT Deadliest Roads (India) on History Channel. I think they probably have the worst roads, traffic and the worst pedestrian etiquette ever. I'm not kidding. Although I do agree that we Filipinos are also guilty when it comes to this kind of thing.

  3. Your outfit shots are some of my favourites. Where do you find all these perfect concrete walls?


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