All Hallow's Eve, Pt. 1

knit cardigan, zara / gray polo, thrifted / skirt, thrifted / petticoat (underneath skirt), thrifted / fishnet stockings, filched from a friend / creepers, ebay / hair bow, necklace and lace collar, DIY / book as a prop, The Sandman Book of Dreams, one of my favorite short story anthologies

Like any fashion-minded fool I treat Halloween quite seriously. Any excuse to dress up is most welcome. Exactly what I'm dressed up as is another matter. I decided to dress up as a character with a back story, rather than as a definite character from a movie or book (although I do have another Halloween post coming up which is exactly this).

I guess I could say I'm your typical English schoolgirl turned goth with classic Lolita undertones. Gothic Lolita, but not quite there yet. Originally I wanted to dress up in full Goth Loli fashion. Unfortunately this is the most lace and frills I can handle without retching in disgust. Do take not that I have nothing against lace and frills; in fact I like it on the right person and style, like Lolita and its various subgroups, just not on me.

This look is very adaptable. With a change in makeup and hairstyle, one can pass off as a ceramic doll or Wednesday Addams. Whilst I was shooting this I gained a new level of respect for the people devoted to dressing in Lolita. This outfit is hot, literally, and I'm not even wearing all the necessary accoutrements for it to be considered as Lolita. It's no small wonder I only ever see local Lolis in cosplay conventions in airconditioned malls.


  1. cute :D
    I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
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  2. I have a weakness for bows, I love yours! Nice thrift finds!

  3. This is excellent. I didn't get to celebrate Halloween because no one likes to dress up here:(


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