Fall Vibes


Gearing up for the cooler months by looking at... gear. All in shades of gray and black, of course. I attempted to make a separate set for clothes but then realized I actually have no desire to look nor shop for apparel. Shoes are exempt though as I will never tire of them. Socks too. Maybe I should look at gloves while I'm at it. After all, my hands are always frozen because the A/C is at full blast all day, every day at the office. Why not scarves? Scarves keep you nice and toasty. A plain black watch and a silver ring goes well with the gloves. Add a knit hat to make my hair look presentable for days I do not bother with washing and a bag to replace my years-old one. Somewhere along that thought trail, I got lost and distracted and ended up with this.

I actually am looking for those things, albeit cheaper ones. Especially those shoes. Acne Pistol Boots. I swear, I covet almost every shoe Acne churns out. However, sleek, low-heeled ankle boots are hard to come by 'round these parts, or maybe I'm just looking at the wrong places (translation: shops that I can afford). The ones I've seen all had a certain heel: this ugly, thin heel that looks like a normal stacked heel cut in half. Either that or the boot itself is bedazzled with all sorts of buckles, studs and chains. Why the hell is it so hard to find basic, plain shoes and clothes in this country? Are Filipinos magpies who like everything to be blinged out? What is the point of this rambling post?


  1. I really like plain, solid-coloured clothes, and I noticed that they are generally difficult to come across. Which saddens me.

    What also saddens me is not having four seasons in this country! I'd really love to wear fall clothes and not feel like I'm in the world's largest sauna.

  2. I really love those boots, i think they are so trendy right now.
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