October Inspiration

It's nearly October and less than a hundred days till Christmas. The temperature is turning colder, partly because of the stormy weather Manila has been experiencing, but still. Time for some fall layering inspiration courtesy of these lovely ladies from the pages of FRUiTS magazine (March 2011).

How cute is Yama from the first photo in her Union Jack top? The fact that I recognize the store clerk of Tokyo Bopper in street snaps is evidence of too much Tokyo street fashion burned into my retinas. But how can I resist? The Japanese are incomparable. Incidentally, I covet the shoes she is wearing, in plain black canvas. Someday.


  1. "Japanese are incomparable." ....cant agree more. I love the first photo to the left. The styling and layering is so MoriGirl-ish. Thanks by the way for the thoughtful words you left on one of my posts. Truly am touched! Have a great start of October!

  2. fruits is also my go to mag for inspiration. i think real fashion ca be seen on the streets. all these fantasy fashion we see now locally i think feels fake and too thought out. i like to see people interpret fashion on a personal level. very inspiring indeed.


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