Feeling Fall

plaid scarf, filched from my sister /shirt dress, thrifted/ shoes, also courtesy of my sister

The Philippines only has two seasonswet and dry, but that doesn't stop me from experimenting with clothing that are more suitable for places with actual cold weather. Hence, this post. I hear plaid is going to be trendy this fall, but apparently so are chunky sweaters. Really? Chunky sweaters are in for fall, such a novel idea. Besides, when was plaid ever passé?

Where was I? Sure you can wear scarves in tropical weather provided it is made of sheer material, but the scarves I like tend to veer toward the heavy knit ones that are meant to be wrapped several times around the neck. If I try that here I wouldn't last a minute even inside my own room. I also like scarves reminiscent of blankets. Hence, this post.

There are so many ways to wear a scarf. I tried making up unconventional ways, although I highly doubt these are new ideas.

Poncho-like: Drape the scarf around the shoulders. Grab the edge around the collarbone area (not the ends). Tie into a know, fix draping.

Asymmetrical: Drape the scarf over one shoulder. Wrap one end several times around the neck, or until you are satisfied with the look. Repeat with other end.

Skirt: Tie a knot in the middle of one edge. Drape the scarf over your waist in such a way that the knot is resting on top of one hipbone. The knot provides additional security so that the skirt does not fall, aside from creating drapes. Gather the ends of the scarf into the other side of the body; secure with pins. It takes a couple of tries to get a nice, asymmetrical shape with lots of drapes. I suggest wearing leggings/tights underneath in case of accidents.

There you go, I hope you enjoyed that. It has been a while since I did a DIY post. For readers in places that are at the brink of autumn, I am envious. Have fun with scarves.


  1. I wish I could wear scarves, too.

    Also, you need to point me in the direction of wherever you're thrift shopping because, oh my goodness, Docs in a thrift store.

  2. Awesome, love all the ways to wear it! And I really like the boots, the shape is perfect.

  3. love! ill copy some of these looks. hahaha


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