Plaid Predicament

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Lately I find myself looking at streetstyle snaps of people wearing plaid skirts, especially that of men. A man that could pull off a kilt is a man to be reckoned with.

I've always loved plaid but a lot of bad plaid exists out there. Therefore the challenge is to sift out the good from the ugly. I have this red plaid skirt I bought at a Baguio thrift store for 50php but I haven't worn it. It hangs silently on my closet, tempting me to take it out for a spin. My boyfriend said the pattern resembles that of his high school's uniform skirts. I, for one, wore a plain blue skirt all throughout my uniform-wearing days. While I find well-designed uniforms very appealing (like those of Japanese schoolgirls'), the objective is to wear the plaid skirt in a more, er, street fashion way rather than school marm-ish.

I'm having a bit of trouble looking for ways to do it. A lot of schoolchildren in Manila wear plaid skirts as part of their uniform and the last thing I want to happen is to be mistaken as one. So for now I'm just looking at these photos for inspiration. I will come around to wearing that skirt for sure; I really like it. Besides, I wouldn't want to waste the 50php I spent. When that will be, though, is unknown.

How would you wear a plaid skirt? Maybe I should turn this into a fashion challenge, haha.


  1. Agreed! Bad plaid makes me cringe. Good plaid (preferably in red and black) makes me smile.

    I... wouldn't wear a plaid skirt. Haha! I don't really wear skirts. But if I did, it'd have to be black and red so I would wear it with a black or grey shirt, then with black and white creepers (that I wish I had!).

  2. I know what you mean, I used to own a plaid dress that was cute, but just too Christmas-y. I think it depends on the brightness of the colors or something. Maybe if the colors fade a bit it would look less schoolgirl-ish. And creepers would be nice to wear it with I think


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