The Streets of Singapore

Oh hello there. Our home Internet connection has been cut off and then our computer died on us. So yeah.

On to more Singapore tourist-y photos. I miss the city- the efficiency, the cleanliness, the diversity, the convenience. The dirtiest streets I've seen there look like normal Manila streets. Only once did I see a cockroach. I never got a single mosquito bite. I saw my first street cleaning machine. But then again I live in the giant shithole called Tondo so I guess anywhere is better than here.

My graduation is this Saturday. Oh hello unemployment.

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  1. Aaah, if you made a book out of your tourist-y photos with your designs and stuff I would probably buy it. And I still want to go to Singapore.

    Advanced congratulations on your graduation!! And thanks for your comment! I'm applying for Visual Communications in UP Fine Arts and Information Design in Ateneo!


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