cape, filched from sister / gray tank, forever 21 / skirt, thrifted / creepers, eBay / cross, quiapo

Dressed like a granny, with a blanket to ward off the death of cold, and a cross to keep away from evil.

The evil of materialism, that is. The Great Singapore Sale is upon me. Consumerism thrives in this place, with or without sales. Thankfully, my pockets are empty. I cant even buy a pack of hair ties without shrieking at the prices once converted to peso despite the fact that converting prices to their peso equivalent is futile. Walked around Bugis Junction and Bugis Street to kill time and be miserable. Up to 75% off in prices. So many lovely things, and no money. Life.


  1. Magosh, I can't imagine the torment. Nice outfit, though. I like your aesthetic.

  2. I like the layering. If only it isn't so hot in Manila these days. ._.

  3. you are my fave pinay blogger. i love you


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